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I’m a Dietitian and Nutrition Coach. I help women in high performance jobs reduce stress, balance their hormones and gut so they lose weight faster especially tummy fat, get toned and glowing skin, get more energised and productive using effective nutritional and lifestyle solutions. I show you the secrets of how I lost 30kg after 4 kids and got off hypertension, arthritis and  medication naturally.

Skilled In:

Hormones Balancing

Body Sculpting for Professional Moms

Mindfulness/stress relief

Natural Health & Care

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Over 15 Years Of Experience As A Certified Nutritionist And Healthy Lifestyle Coach

My experience and intuitive Nutrition skills  are rare, and so are my services and products, which have been lauded by clients as  GENIUS. Together with my team, I use the latest research and effective nutrition solutions to help clients get their desired body and health transformation.

What I Can Offer You?

Below are some ways I can help you!

Nutrition Coaching

I can help you improve your relationship with food.

Lose Weight

I am here to help you look and feel your best, any day to anytime.

Eating Healthy

I will help you master your cravings to get your desired body type.

Sports Nutrition

I can help you boost innate and adaptive immunity.

Balance Body Mind

I will guide you to an effective and healthier lifestyle.

Success Stories

Look How Many People Can Testify!

"I lost 10kg in 30 days without starving and without restrictions. I was eating my favorite Nigerian meals and I still got my body, health and self confidence back! Now, it's been 3 months since my coaching program and the weight is still off!"
Roselyn Ekpobadarhro
"I lost 14kg in 60 days following your plan and protocols. The best part is that all the ingredients are available in my neighborhood and I don't have to spend a fortune to eat healthy."
Veronica Chinonso
HR Leader
"I lost 10 kg in 3 months and I was able to get back into my wedding and registry dresses after 17 years! iMaragolde Weight loss plan works."
S. Creppy
C-suite Executive Assistant

3 Easy Recipes!

 I’m so pumped to be sharing three of my secret tips on maintaining a flat tummy with you!


Hey, Work With Me!

I help professionals who want to lose weight, snatch their body confidence, health and balance back using effective Nutrition Solutions. I can also show you how to use natural supplements and methods to cure ailments and reduce/get off medications.

If you are interested in achieving your dream body and health, speak with me today, and find out if any of my Nutrition solutions is a good fit for your weight loss, health and wellness goals.

It’s free. 

Ready To Take On Your Nutritional Journey?

Health & Nutrition Articles

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How Good Nutrition Can Boost Your Child's Mood

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I’m so pumped to be sharing one of my secret tips of maintaining a flat tummy with you!!! This guide shows how to make healthy, nutritious and yummy smoothies 10/10. One interesting variation would be to use PAP as a thickener for your Smoothies!

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